The Landscape: from the exterior to the interior

6 May - 12 June 2021

From its inception in 2011, gallery rosenfeld has always been interested in the genres which have defined art history and how they continue to provide inspiration for contemporary artists. Although the ‘portrait, ‘still life’ and ‘landscape’ still have a relevance, there is very little critical attention on these supposedly “outdated” subjects. The only exception to this is the portrait, which has recently assumed a renewed predominance.


The gallery will now host two exhibitions centred around ‘The Landscape’. The first will open on May 6th and is entitled ‘The Landscape Part 1 - From the Exterior to the Interior’, whilst the second ‘The Landscape Part 2 - From Arcadia to the City’, will open in late July.


The first exhibition will explore how traditional ideas of landscape have evolved in the modern and contemporary world.


featured artists:


Araminta Blue

Lu Chao

Mutaz Elemam

Ndidi Emefiele

Naoya Inose

Marianna Gioka

Eduardo Stupia

Ruozhe Xue