Ruozhe Xue straddles the thin line between realism and dreamlike, surreal imagery. His canvasses are pervaded by a cryptic aura, skillfully emphasized through the use of dark tones that cast a sense of timelessness and suspension upon the figures. The missing context, very often hidden or dissipating into vagueness, eludes any plausible attempt to unravel the enigma. 


Ruozhe Xue was born in Xuzhou , 1987. He currently lives and works between Beijing and London. After studying at the Painting Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts he studied in the Painting Programme at the Royal College of Arts in London. Xue has received numerous accolades. He was shortlisted for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize (2022) and is a winner of the Neville Burston Prize and the Tom Bendhem Prize for Figure Drawing. Xue has presented his work in exhibitions in London and China including the Tate Modern, the GAFA Art Museum in Guangzhou and Wuhan Art Museum.