• 'Excess of Desire', Keita Miyazaki

    'Excess of Desire', Keita Miyazaki

    18 july - 30 september

Gallery rosenfeld is delighted to present Keita Miyazaki’s third solo exhibition in the gallery.

Fortuitously, the occasion coincides with a work which has just become part of The Victoria and Albert Museum’s Japanese collection as well as a major loan of one of Miyazaki’s large vertical floor works which will be part of the inaugural exhibition at the new Victoria and Albert Museum which will soon open in Londons’ East End. The museum, which will be dedicated to children, tells you a great deal about the democracy of the artist’s work. One can react to the artist’s sculptures in various ways; both as a child responding to the bright rich colours of the origami, or as an adult admiring the pure beauty of the works as well as their political ramifications.