Ruozhe Xue: In&Out-Put at the Jimei x Arles 2019 international photo festival

Ruozhe Xue, In&Out-Put
Curated by Cao Yani
22 November 2019 - 05 January 2020
Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival

Jimei Citizen Square Main Exhibition Hall


At the beginning of artistic creation, an image is conceived of an internal narrative comprised of the logic of its surroundings, the relationship of the world and the body. Upon the consummation of the idea, Xue Ruozhe uses photography to extract the two essential moments within a scene in which the object’s movements are constantly changing, and then transfers these moments into the medium of painting to be sealed in a single moment of time. This particular sequence of photography followed by the painting is crucial to the artist’s workflow. When the background events of the photographic works are unrevealed to the viewer, the painting becomes a necessary step for the existence of the missing representation of motion. The concept, therefore, of “unbounded image” in this exhibition is to combine both mediums to remove their inherent ambiguities and pull together a more three-dimensional image that creates an experience amongst the relationship of: the images themselves, the artist, and the audience. 

- Cao Yani



November 25, 2019