Lanfranco Quadrio: The Agony of Actaeon

26 september - 21 november 2013

rosenfeld porcini presents The Agony of Actaeon, the inaugural UK solo exhibition of the Italian artist Lanfranco Quadrio.

The exhibition will include mixed media works on canvas and paper across both floors of the gallery space. Using materials such as acrylic, charcoal, graphite, ink, pencil, pastels, and oil paints, the pieces presented recount moments deriving from two well-known Greek myths, the death of Actaeon and the myth of the monster Scylla – in particular when she devours Odysseus’s sailors. Beyond depicting animal and human anatomy with a surgeon’s attention to detail, Quadrio’s compositions are emotionally charged works which provide a poignant testimony to the violence which undermines our world. What begins as an illustration of a moment from a great, timeless story develops into a comment on both the human condition and the inevitability of violence.