Shiva Ahmadi | The Courage of Eve

21 February - 5 April 2023

Gallery rosenfeld is proud to announce the first UK solo exhibition of the Iranian artist Shiva Ahmadi. Currently based in the Bay Area in California, Ahmadi’s works are inspired by the world of Persian miniatures and uphold a strong critique of the current political situation in her homeland.


Her paintings denounce violence and abuses in general but more precisely those that have been taking place in Iran for decades. When she was only 5 years old she witnessed first-hand the terrors of the Iranian Cultural Revolution. When the family returned home after a period living in Berlin, all signs of their intellectual lives had suddenly to disappear without trace. Her parents had no choice but to destroy their collection of records and cultural artefacts that were in their home. The artist also experienced the war between Iran and Iraq, as her mother was a doctor, she was deeply touched by observing the wounded soldiers returning from war.