José Castiella: Falling

17 June - 24 July 2021

rosenfeld is proud to present ‘Falling’ the gallery’s first solo exhibition of the Spanish artist José Castiella. The artist will show paintings and a selection of his ‘coffee’ drawings in the exhibition.


Influenced by such widely disparate sources as Hieronymus Bosch, Bruegel, animation, video games and the Japanese Yōkai spirits his works are the result of pure chance at the same time as an attempt at controlling the process as it unfolds. Initially the canvas is laid on the floor as Castiella pours on the paint before placing the work on the wall and waiting for the paint to begin its mysterious journey in a totally autonomous way. Each individual work is, for the artist, a voyage of discovery as his own contribution is intrinsically related to the effect of the paint as it travels down the surface of the canvas. Castiella’s interventions change continuously as the painting achieves new unforeseen forms.