Ruozhe Xue: A Distorted Reality

3 October - 23 November 2019

Ruozhe Xue 

A Distorted Reality
4 October 2019 – 23 November 2019


Private View
Thursday, 3 October 2019 

6:30 - 8:30 pm


rosenfeld porcini is pleased to present “A Distorted Reality”, Ruozhe Xue’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. 


In the current world where any idea of truth has been trampled on by fake news, hacking and the abuses of social media, our understanding of what constitutes reality has been grossly distorted. Moreover, the wave of ‘populist politics’ which has invaded so many countries in the world has added to the potent cocktail where we have a very strong sense of living in a strange unfamiliar world. The paintings of Ruozhe Xue feel like a perfect mirror to what we are experiencing.