19 July - 21 September 2018

rosenfeld porcini is proud to announce its forthcoming themed exhibition entitled Verticality which will feature works by Roberto Almagno, Enrique Brinkmann, Lu Chao, Leonardo Drew, Herbert Golser, Riccardo Guarneri, Naoya Inose, Marijke Keyser, Robert Muntean, Antonio Riello, Nicola Samorì, José Santos III, Raina Schoretsaniti, Levi van Veluw, Veronica Vasquez and Uthman Wahaab.



If one reflects on the selection process of art history which evolves over decades and even centuries, we can see that Horizontality gradually morphs into Verticality. Only those artists who survive the sand in the hourglass will become part of the pantheon and be remembered centuries on.
The aim will be to approach a basic dichotomy such as Verticality/Horizontality from both a visual and textual perspec- tive. Rather than display artists who utilise written text as a way to impart didactic information, there will, instead, be a series of talks in the gallery during the duration of the exhibition.



A vertical power structure seen against the weakness of a horizontally inspired democracy where many contrasting voices can be heard has great contemporary relevance with the current infatuation with ‘populism’. Our modern cities are dominated by vertical structures which have been constructed out of necessity, as horizontal space in our crowded urban environments has become so scarce. Yet has the quality from both an aesthetic and utilitarian standpoint been improved? “Monogamy’ has dominated two of the great Western religions even though contemporary life has increas- ingly called into question this model. These three themes will be explored in the talks.


talks and discussions exploring the theme of “Verticality"
10 - 13 - 17 September 2018 | 6.45pm

The talks will be held in the gallery and are curated by John Gordon, founder of How to Academy and the moderator will be Hannah MacInnes.

The programme will be as follows:

September 10th
Architecture: The Tall Building Artistically Considered 

Speaker: Stephen Bayley

September 13th
Democracy, Populism and Autocracy
Speaker: Professor Matthew Goodwin

September 17th
Monogamy: Good for the Soul?
Speaker: Rowan Pelling

entry ticket: £20 | please rsvp at