Girjesh Kumar Singh: An Endless Journey

12 April - 28 May 2018

Rosenfeld Porcini is pleased to present ‘An Endless Journey’, Indian artist Girjesh Kumar Singh’s first exhibition in Europe.

As the Western world reels from the effects of the mass migration from Africa and the Middle East and the media is full of harrowing stories of innumerable human tragedies, Girjesh Kumar Singh’s compelling sculptures made from broken bricks of destroyed homes provide a perfect artistic testimony to the traumas we are living with in our contemporary societies.

The artist’s practice manages to combine the poetics of destruction with something human and historical, transforming the inanimate into the visceral, and bringing to light dif cult truths which are too often suppressed or ignored by those unaffected.

Featuring a selection of large scale groups of gures carved out of damaged bricks which the artist collects in his hometown – Uttar Pradesh -, the exhibition highlights Kumar Singh’s interest in destroyed building sites and their legacy.