Combining Materials

30 November 2017 - 10 February 2018

If from ancient times to the modern era, artists had garnered renown for their technical mastery of one single material, the avant-garde’s rejection of hierarchies opened the gates to the democratization of materials, regardless of the preconceived ideas attributed to their nature. Ever since the forging of this revolutionary shift, the cohesion of different components progressively gained recognition amongst artists. Radical languages were discovered, as the combining of materials that were in apparent contradiction became the core of sculptural practice.

Rosenfeld Porcini is pleased to present Combining Materials, the third themed exhibition held at the gallery this year. Featuring a selection of sculptural works, the show illustrates how the juxtaposition of unlikely ma- terials responds to the formal experiments voiced by a diverse range of contemporary artists. 

 The show will feature works by six international artists:

Jane Bustin

Alice Cattaneo 

Leonardo Drew

Felicity Hammond 

Keita Miyazaki

Tulio Pinto