Abstract Conversations

21 July - 20 September 2017

rosenfeldporcini is proud to present ‘Abstract Conversations’ featuring Eduardo Stupia, Anna Klimentchenko, Paula Baader, Marianna Gioka, Qingzhen Han and Maaike Schoorel. As the ferocious argument about the relevance of painting within the panorama of contemporary art recedes once again, there is a fresh, distinctly perceived urgency in how artists are once more embracing the medium without fear of being outdated and irrelevant. One of the current strands involving artists across the globe is represented by gestural painters adopting a minimalist attitude to their work. Where often contemporary art leaves nothing to the imagination and can be read virtually instantaneously by a generation brought up on instant visual grati cation, these artists take on a ‘slow food’ philosophy to their practice. Their complex worlds are rather impenetrable to our super cial deciphering as their paintings resist digital translation and reassert the almost unique longevity of the medium along with its continuing ability to communicate with us at a mysteriously profound level. The six painters featured in ‘Abstract Conversations’ take us back to the idea of language as the predominant element of artistic innovation.



21 July – 20 September 2017

Opening reception: Thursday 20 July 2017