Sebastián Gordín: If animals didn’t exist..

9 December 2016 - 11 February 2017

rosenfeld porcini is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by the argentinian artsit Sebastián Gordín.

Gordín emerged in the Argentina of the late 80’s and was part of a group of artists who were heavily criticized for their apparently non-political art. However, beyond the ‘joy of creation’ and humour which suffuses his works as a necessary reaction to the extreme darkness of the terrifying period in Argentina in the 70’s, there is always the ongoing exploration of man’s relationship to society.

His mid-career retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires in 2014 represented both a point of arrival and a point of departure. The sense of wonder remained but gave way to a more mature vision.

His latest works have taken him in yet another direction and our exhibition title, ’If animals didn’t exist….’ quotes the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben and specifically references the openness of his three most recent sculptural installations. In these, the landscape has become abstract; part animal, part rock, part vegetal but most of all referencing 20th Century Sculpture.