Throughout his career, Cesare Lucchini has been concerned with the crucial issues of our time, the inhumanity of man and the plight of the downtrodden. In Lucchini’s paintings, the richness of his palette and the density of his brushstrokes provide a kind of visual forest or landscape out of which, little by little, the figure can be made out; the subject partly emerging from, and partly submerged by abstraction. The paintings are never documentary and do not set out to record the events but are lyrical and emotively-charged, with a desperate beauty that has the capacity to move far more than factual or documentary led descriptions.


Cesare Lucchini was born in 1941 in Bellinzona, Switzerland, and currently lives and works in Lugano, Switzerland. Lucchini works with galleries in Germany and Switzerland and has had many exhibitions in museums. His works have been exhibited at the Kühlhaus Berlin,Germany, including solo shows at the Mendrisio Palazzo Pollini, Ferrara; Pallazzo dei Diamanti; Locarno Pinacoteca Casa Rusca; Neuchatel Museum of Art and History, Switzerland and the Kunst Museum in Berne.