Leonardo Drew's Number 69S at the San Francisco International Airport

Leonardo Drew’s work is a multi-layered installation spanning three walls. Comprised of hundreds of small sculptural components to create a massive galaxy, the installation is a cosmos whose collective parts can be identified as letters of an alphabet that create a narrative. The elements comprising the whole are remnants of past artworks, a recycling effort that is integral to Drew’s desire to never let anything go to waste. When juxtaposed in a new setting, this visual alphabet creates new words and new meanings.  The installation at SFO speaks to an enormous cross-section of people, carrying with them a multitude of life experiences and cultures.



About the San Francisco Art Commission


With 2%-for-art funds generated by the expansion of San Francisco International Airport’s Harvey Milk Terminal 1, new Long Term Parking Garage, Grand Hyatt Hotel and AirTrain stations, the San Francisco Arts Commission developed an ambitious public art program designed to create a dynamic environment that engages travelers from the moment they arrive at the airport.

Over the years, the Arts Commission has shaped an unparalleled public art collection at the airport. With each new building project, the Agency has the opportunity to work with a diverse group of artists to create an atmosphere that reflects the innovation and creativity for which San Francisco is known and celebrated throughout the world.

July 25, 2019