rosenfeld porcini is please to announce the representation of Riccardo Guarneri

rosenfeld porcini is please to announce the representation of Riccardo Guarneri.
Born in Florence in 1933, Guarneri started painting in 1953 alongside his musical activity. His first solo show was held in 1960 at Galerie de Posthoorn in The Hague. In 1966 he was invited to the Venice Biennale and the seminal exhibition Weiss auf Weiss at the Kunsthalle, Bern. In 1967 he exhibited at the Paris Biennale and participated in the shows of Nuova Tendenza. Numerous important solo shows were dedicated to the artist over the years.
“Images suspended in the vacuum, piercing marks, chromatic mists, light inconsistencies of lights are situations that have been present since the Sixties’ works where the artist prefers to remove recognizable elements by constructing subtle atmospheres on the edge of nothing in harmony with the levity of the invisible. The choice of the geometric language with all its structural experimentations evokes musical connections between colours and sounds and allows infinite variations of elements, temporal series included into the slightest shades; nearly imperceptible transitions within the rhythm of the composition”
September 22, 2017