Keita Miyazaki | Vannucci Art Residency, Città della Pieve

Citta della Pieve, Italy

VAR is an extension of the international, contemporary Deighton Collection. The thrust of the programme emanates from the desire of Lord and Lady Deighton to extend their patronage beyond the purchase of art to personal involvement with the artists themselves. The relationship between the artist-in-residence and the host is an important aspect of this programme. Towards this end, the VAR Advisory & Mentoring Circle, consisting of a select group of curators, artists, artisans, gallerists and collectors, provides support and advice to participants during and after their residency. The Circle will be overseen by Lady Deighton, curators Tamar Arnon and Eli Zagury, and residency alumni.

 Young Japanese sculptor, Keita Miyazaki, who plans to create sculptures at VAR for his upcoming (April, 2018) solo show at Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery, London.


Keita Miyazaki, born 1983, Tokyo, Japan; lives and works between Tokyo and London. Miyazaki was in Japan at the time of the Tsunami and the total destruction he witnessed led him to try and create a fresh ‘utopia’ out of the ‘dystopia’ he was confronted with, whilst at the same time posing questions about the controversial relevance of fundamentals of our Industrial society. By using elements from car engines, combined with beautifully crafted paper or felt origami-inspired forms, allied to sounds relating to contemporary Japanese society or recent historical events, Miyazaki creates in a sense, a ‘Gesamtkunstwerke’ of our times. Recently Miyazaki has further broadened his practice by reinterpreting the seventeenth century ‘Vanitas’ with a fresh and contemporary slant. Within metal vitrines, designed and assembled by the artist, Miyazaki juxtaposes various found objects whilst managing to preserve the concerns of the original works, such as the fragility of existence and human vanity in all its multiple guises.

Residency date: June to mid-July 2017.

June 1, 2017