eduardo stupia at Sao Paulo Biennial, 2012

9 September – 9 December 2012

Rosenfeld Porcini artist Eduardo Stupia was a featured artist of the 30th São Paulo Biennial. 


The idea of constellation guided the curatorial proposal in the biennial initiating discursive expresions between past and present; center and periphery; object and language. With a large number of works by each artist and spaces destined for individual repertoires, it was a platform that allowed the vicinity between works and artists to be an effective influence of creation of sense and meaning.


Eduardo Stupia, with his own booth, is known for his abstract landscapes and the use of different mediums, often referencing the British and the Dutch landscapes, but not eliminating the landscape in Chinese and Japanese painting. Evidently, these references are only indirect, manifesting the products of his imagination. The artists says “Just like I try to put together a strong counterpoint of graphic elements, the same I do with the intersection and contradiction of the most diverse and antagonistic materials.”


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September 9, 2012