Ndidi Emefiele | Empowerment, Kunstmuseum of Wolfsburg

10 September 2022 - 8 January 2023

gallery rosenfeld is proud to announce that Pool Side Kebab, 2022 by Ndidi Emefiele (b.1987) is part of the exhibition Empowement at Kunstmuseum of Wolfsburg.


With the exhibition Empowerment, the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg is for the first time offering such a comprehensive global overview of art and feminisms of the twenty-first century with roughly 100 artistic positions from some fifty countries from all continents. Within the framework of seven thematic fields that have emerged from the worldwide research (Protest & Empowerment, Gender & Identity, Herstories & Other Narratives, Desired & Violated Bodies, Labour of Care, Planetary Challenges, Feminist Futures), the artworks will explore the following questions, among others: How do artists act out of their respective situations in the postcolonial, digital present? What emancipatory understanding underlies their art? How do they broaden their view of a feminist-oriented future? Questions regarding social inequality, sexism, racism, migration, the relationship of bodies, technology, and ecological concerns will also be negotiated. These issues affect everyone.

October 4, 2022