Lanfranco Quadrio | Beyond the comedy at Musei Civici di Imola

18 December 2021 - 22 February 2022


The Civic Museums of Imola present a new contemporary art project by Italian artist Lanfranco Quadrio, a city tour in three acts involving the Museum of San Domenico, the Rocca Sforzesca and Palazzo Tozzoni. 

Organized at the end of the year dedicated to Dante's celebrations, it explicitly recalls Dante's Comedy and the articulation in three acts, each of which is inspired by one of the poet's canticle, follows the thread of a fascinating and subtle dialogue with the spirit of the chosen places for exposure. In each of these there are large-scale conpositions, visions of strong emotional impact, visionary and symbolic, which lead visitors through the dizzying and turbulent representation of the damned of the 'Malebolge' (in the Inquisition corridor of the Museum of San Domenico), the intense and dramatic 'Maybe everything is Purgatory', a graphic work more than twelve meters wide whose location in the basement of the Rocca Sforzesca, in close contact with the invocations graffitied on the walls by prisoners, also takes on a high symbolic value, to conclude in the hall of honor of Palazzo Tozzoni, where in close dialogue with the fresco of the 'The Sun Chariot' painted on the vault of the room, two large wings appear, a true hallmark of the artist's figurative imagery and point culminating in an allegorical ascent towards a 'secular' idea of salvation.


The exhibition is curated by Diego Galizzi and Paolo Cova.

December 4, 2021