Bongsu Park | Social Dreaming Matrices at The Tavistock Institute

The Tavistock Institute invites you to join a ‘collaboration through dreams’. This is between artists, a poet, social science, a fine art auction house and an expert in Korean dream culture. We will be experimenting with fusing different dream practices and creating new ones.


The project will begin with a unique series of Social Dreaming Matrices (SDMs) in collaboration with the artist Bongsu Park, who will be bringing a South Korean understanding of dreams into the Tavistock Institute’s Social Dreaming (as developed by practitioners of Group Relations).


The shared dreams will be presented as an artwork ‘Dream Ecologies – Patterning Social Dreaming Matrix’ which can be bid for in the Dream Auction that will be hosted at gallery rosenfeld, alongside a series of Dream Scrolls representing individual dreams.


Later on, we will hold a Symposium where we will share learning and reflection about the experience including conversations, reflections and presentations from the collaborators.


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with the support of  Arts Council Korea

October 22, 2021