Nicola Samorì included in Selva | Molle at the Church of San Rocco, Modigliana, Italy

Chiara Lecca and Nicola Samorì

Selva Molle

Curated by Sabrina Samorì

Church of San Rocco, Piazza Pretorio 7

Modigliana, Forlí, Italy

04/07/21 - 05/09/21


The Accademia degli Incamminati presents, from Sunday 4 July to Sunday 5 September, the exhibition SELVA MOLLE by Chiara Lecca and Nicola Samorì curated by Sabrina Samorì in the spaces of the church of San Rocco in Modigliana. The exhibition is organised in collaboration with the Municipality of Modigliana and thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Forlì within the framework of the Festival dei Sentieri Agrourbani di Modigliana ( ) and is a collateral event to the exhibition “Dante. La visione dell’Arte” scheduled at the Musei San Domenico Forlì.


The exhibition, conceived on the occasion of the year of Dante, develops as a dialogue in two voices between Chiara Lecca and Nicola Samorì inside the seventeenth-century church, now deconsecrated, dedicated to San Rocco and located in the historic centre of the small village in Romagna. The fil rouge of the exhibition is the form of matter as a means of narration between the natural and the transcendental.
Several works are on display, including some previously unseen works by both artists.
Some of Chiara Lecca’s works are made using Alpi’s woods thanks to a collaboration that began in 2019 (


July 7, 2021