Shuster + Moseley | Forever is Now

Under the auspices of the Egyptian authorities and the patronage of UNESCO, "Forever is Now" - International Contemporary Art Exhibition, will take place at the Giza Plateau from 21 October to 7 November 2021.


Over the years, Art D’Egypte, a social enterprise in Egypt, has been fostering public-private partnerships through promoting contemporary arts and supporting artists and craftspeople. Its annual contemporary art exhibition held at cultural institutions and heritage sites in Egypt attracted a large number of visitors, bringing life to heritage sites.

The 4th international exhibition “Forever is Now” will take place at the Pyramids field from 16 October to 7 November 2021. The contemporary art exhibits will be linked through a trail around the 4500-year-old heritage site at the Giza Plateau developed by Art D’Egypte,working with an international curator and the Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass.

The exhibition will showcase the power of arts and creativity at the Pyramids field, one of the seven World Heritage sites in Egypt, promoting tangible and intangible cultural heritage and creativity. This will be the first international art exhibition to take place at the Giza Pyramids and the surrounding Giza Plateau. Within the framework of the exhibition, educational workshops and activities will also be organised in cooperation with UNESCO.  

September 29, 2021