Shuster + Moseley | Horizon of Day and Night at the Azimuth Festival

The work 'Horizon od Day and Night' by artist due Shuster+Moseley will be installed in Al-Ula, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Saudi Arabia, in occasion of the Azimuth festival. 


about the work


The Azimuth is an angular distance between a reference direction on the horizon and a line from an observer to a point of interest measured in degrees. The Azimuth is an ancient instrument that was used by the Nabateans who settled in AlUla to tell the time by the angle of the sun.


Reflecting on megalithic stone circles, coloured filters are derived from the geological composition of the site and the orientation of the sculptures are aligned to the horizon, so as to reveal the light of the place corresponding to geo-cosmic cycles - its 'spectral fingerprint'. Informed by a series of light studies with natural sunlight interfaced by prisms and optical filters, the spectral fingerprint of a place deals with its deep time - the light of its geological and cosmological past, interfaced by elemental media that shape the now. Now-ness is an interactivity.          


The project was organised by MTArt Agency.                            

March 5, 2020